Robert Birungi2

Robert Birungi

I was born in Nyamayenje, Rukungiri district about 300km southwest of the Uganda capital, Kampala. With my mother passing away when I was barely four years old, I grew up in a single parent household with four siblings and went to boarding school for most of my childhood. Come high school, I would attend the [...]

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Sheila Kyobutungi

My name is Sheila Kyobutungi. I came into this world on April 9th 1984. I was born and raised in a small town in South Western Uganda called Kanungu. Coming from a very humble background with six siblings, I was blessed to have parents that sacrificed everything they could to ensure that we got a [...]

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Sarah Bwabye

Recent update: Sarah Bwabye – Started her Master Degree in Public Health at George Washington University. Before embarking on graduate work, Sarah worked as a Research Associate for a biotech company in Seattle. In her words: “The focus of my work was on the use of adult stem cells in the regeneration of heart cells [...]

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Br. Otti Alfred Okello

I started in Leaders for Africa studying Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mathematical Physic for 3 years before leaving for a vocational discernment with the Legionaries of Christ. I have been a religious for more than five years. I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy last year, and now studying a Master’s Degree in Philosophy [...]

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James Okullo

James completed his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington last December, and returned to Uganda immediately after. It was great to spend time with family after being gone for some time. Time in Uganda also allowed him to see more clearly where the greatest needs are in the country. He has [...]

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Elizabeth Kaweesa Namagoba

"Leaders for Africa appeals greatly to my goal of creating a postmodern world in my country. My academic goal is to study Public Health and eventually work in public health to improve the health care in the rural areas of my country by providing medical supplies and also set up workshops for other medical personnel in the villages." Read More

Andrew Max Ogwok

"The skills I will gain after 3 years of training will expand my leadership abilities, and allow me to mobilize human and other resources to serve even more vulnerable people and communities. My goal is to serve in the best way possible, and to use my skills and experience to give those less privileged than I the opportunity to develop and succeed." Read More

Kolé Kenneth

"Kapchorwa, the region I was raised in, has a population of 200,000 and a “regional referral” hospital with only one doctor! I am passionate about changing these statistics in Uganda either as a medical doctor or public health advocate." Read More

Tesi Uwibambe

"I have chosen to follow the path of medicine where I can find ways to improve the health sector in my country. I want to encourage, and hopefully help build hospitals all over the country so that poor people around the country can gain access to good health care." Read More