About Us

Our Mission

At Leaders for Africa, we aim to develop a community of well-trained, well-connected, world-class ethical leaders in Africa who will serve the people and act as catalysts for community and national development. We do this by striving to equip these future leaders to harmonize the sometimes competing demands of a global economy and the needs of their communities. We invite like-minded global citizens to join with us in our mission and light a candle in a sea of darkness.

About Leaders for Africa

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, many African nations emerged from centuries of colonialism and regained their independence. Since then, those same nations have struggled to establish themselves in the modern world. Though blessed with natural resources, most countries lacked leaders with the ability to bring about the necessary economic and political reforms. The combination of Africa’s colonial heritage with its postcolonial leadership difficulties has resulted in civil war, ethnic strife, dictatorships, corrupt regimes, and massive debt. Famine and the AIDS epidemic have further undermined the stability of the African continent.
LFA seeks to equip Africa’s developing nations to participate in the global economy. We are strongly convinced that the cycle of degradation in African economies and communities can be halted by educating and training Africa’s brightest students at universities and institutions in America. Here technology thrives, free political thought is encouraged and not frowned upon, and business leadership and administration are taught as well as demonstrated in a thriving economy. Equipped with this knowledge and experience, the African students will be required to go back to their respective countries and, with LFA’s help, endeavor to implement what they have learned in America. The changes they initiate will eventually lead to measurable and sustainable economic and political reform.

LFA is working with American universities, corporations, and other organizations to fund scholarships for African students. If you seek more information about our programs and our mission, please contact us.

Our History

LFA began in 2002 by found Ivan Lumala and his wife, Loi. As a native Ugandan, Ivan knew well the challenges that his country faced. He also knew what a difference a college education in the United States could make, as he benefitted from the generosity of an American family who paid for him to attend college in the US.